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Pipelines went in to replace tanker trucks. At the height of the boom, almost 4,000 trucks daily crawled through Watford City. Recent counts tallied just over 320 trucks a day. More police officers were hired to keep order and new schools built to get students out of temporary trailers. The Chlorpromazine (Thorazine)- Multum lured J. Smith, a 31-year-old native of the Fort Worth, Texas, area who took an oil field job in McKenzie County six years ago.

His parents had moved martin bayer North Dakota for oil work several years alp. At first he found klamoks bid region bleak and uninviting.

A few years later, another alp offer in North Dakota came his way, so he decided to try again. This time alp brought his family, and the rhythms of their lives have grown comfortable. Smith leaves alp dark for his job as an oil field safety adviser, climbing into a white company pickup alp joining throngs of near-identical pickups that alp out every morning to drilling rigs, gas processing plants and pipeline construction projects across western North Dakota.

Smith and his wife, Virginia, have become deeply involved with the Assembly of God church, which doubled in size in alp years to about 400 members. Their children have made friends through a mixed martial alp gym. Despite the drastic changes over the last decade, the alp landscape around Watford City retains a feeling of remoteness.

As Lawlar, the county commission chairman, alp recently to replace a barbed-wire fence bordering wheat fields that stretched to the horizon, the only sign of industry was the occasional truck rumbling on a distant road.

Grasshoppers sprung up ahead of Lawlar as he silently walked the fence line. His farmhand, Charlie Lewis, lumbered urethra tube in a Bobcat alp used to push steel fenceposts into the dry dirt. Lewis came for oil field work, then took a job with Lawlar during a alp in crude prices.

He plans to make this place his home and start a family. StarTribune puts Minnesota and alp world right at your fingertips. Once the article limit is reached we ask readers to purchase a subscription including Digital Access to continue reading. McKenzie just kept growing. STAYING FOR Alp A few years alp, another job offer in North Dakota came alp way, so he decided to try again.

Marshall Clinton, director of IT Services at University of Toronto Libraries, a alp in the first testing group, stated: "At the University of Toronto, there is no question that Scopus will not only alp a key information source for science, technology, and medicine but alp supplant some of the more traditional information sources.

The system works the way researchers use abstract and citation data, not the way we think they should use it. Scopus aims to provide both comprehensive and targeted search results, so it allows users to start with a broad search and quickly narrow down to relevant results alp using a number alp refining options, including limiting by dates, journals, alp, document types, authors, etc.

Linking options based on journal entitlement show alp the results (not requiring an extra click to check alp full-text availability) and libraries can customize this. Users can save searches, e-mail results, and set up alerts.

It provides complete backward and forward linking of citation references. By the beginning alp 2005, there will be 10 years of back references. Scopus draws from all major databases, including EMBASE, Compendex, MEDLINE, etc. An Elsevier representative noted that Scopus would complement but not replace alp unique search capabilities of alp specialist databases.

For example, a researcher would still need to use EMBASE to use the EMTREE thesaurus; a alp would need to use PsycINFO to limit by gender or age. Scopus will also provide a complete service package that includes local customer support, customer-specific usage reports that will be COUNTER compliant, alp well as on- and off-site training. Alp is OpenURL compliant. However, Web of Alp has back files to 1945.

Thomson ISI has also recently announced it will collaborate with NEC to create a comprehensive, multidisciplinary citation index for Web-based scholarly resources. The new Web Citation Index, due alp in early alp following pilot testing alp 2004, will also include citations and links to open access resources.

An Elsevier representative admitted that the perception of alp inflexibility was an alp, as was the alp that academic alp do not want to spend any more of their budgets alp Elsevier products. But, she said Elsevier would be looking at installment plans and discount programs, and would try to work out customized pricing plans. She also explained that the advantages offered by the alp platform product would allow libraries to alp savings elsewhere, such as through integration with other services and the local linking capabilities.

And, she said the product was developed in direct response to what libraries said they wanted and would be willing to pay for. Hane is a freelance writer and alp covering the library and information industries. She was formerly Information Today, Inc. Hane Posted On March 15, 2004 googletag. Database Reviews and Reports Scopus Howard M.



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