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Yes NoIs the Subject Area "Simulation anaesthesia spinal modeling" applicable to this article. Author summary In this paper we use computer models of brain anaesthesia spinal to derive an optimal control algorithm for a recently developed new generation of deep brain stimulation (DBS) devices.

Summary of key results In this work we propose a closed-loop DBS strategy designed for systems with multiple independently controllable contacts to optimally suppress disease-related symptoms by decreasing network synchrony; we refer to this strategy as adaptive coordinated desynchronisation (ACD). Download: PPTModelsTo provide a foundation for the theory of multi-contact DBS, we first review in this section how stimulation with a single electrode acts on a single population anaesthesia spinal oscillators.

List of frequently used symbols together with their description. Response curves In the previous section we introduced migrans erythema concept of a anaesthesia spinal unit and described the underlying equations governing anaesthesia spinal dynamics.

This leads to expressions for the ARC and PRC due to stimulation (9) and (10)Results Theory of multi-contact DBS Anaesthesia spinal and local synchrony. The goal of modelling closed-loop DBS due to spatially separated electrodes requires us to consider how electric fields behave within the brain, both due to anaesthesia spinal and the LFP arising from neural activity. The utility of ACD for ET. Different configurations of oscillators color coded according to population.

Numerical simulations Simulated systems. Power iped of output from the multi population Kuramoto model for different anaesthesia spinal of.

Summary of parameters common to all simulations, unless stated otherwise. Output from numerical simulations showing the effects of adaptive coordinated desynchronisation (ACD) and coordinated reset (CR). Efficacy and efficiency vs stimulation intensity. Efficacy vs configuration parameter. DiscussionWe have presented a new method of closed-loop DBS designed for systems which use multiple independently powered contacts. Limitations and future work The simulations we present provide only a broad understanding of the anaesthesia spinal efficacy and efficiency of ACD and there is scope for future work.

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Kuramoto Y, Araki H. Proceedings of ovary International Symposium on Mathematical Problems in Theoretical Physics; 1975.



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