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Body cell R, Prevost MC, Gounon P, Sansonetti P, Dehio C. The secreted Ipa complex of Shigella flexneri promotes entry into mammalian cells. Mounier J, Popoff MR, Enninga J, Body cell MC, Sansonetti PJ, Van Nhieu GT. The IpaC carboxyterminal effector domain mediates Src-dependent actin polymerization during Shigella invasion of epithelial cells. Terry CM, Picking WL, Birket SE, Flentie K, Hoffman BM, Barker JR, et al. The C-terminus of IpaC is required for effector dosage maxi related to Shigella invasion of host cells.

Hayward RD, Koronakis V. Direct nucleation and bundling of actin by the SipC protein of invasive Salmonella. Casella JF, Flanagan MD, Lin S. Cytochalasin D inhibits actin polymerization and induces depolymerization of actin filaments biophysical journal impact factor during platelet shape change.

Colucci-Guyon E, Portier MM, Dunia I, Paulin D, Pournin S, Babinet C. Mice lacking vimentin develop and reproduce without an obvious phenotype. Campbell-Valois FX, Schnupf P, Nigro G, Body cell M, Sansonetti PJ, Parsot C. A secreted anti-activator, OspD1, and its chaperone, Spa15, are involved in the control of transcription by the type Body cell secretion apparatus activity in Shigella flexneri.

Mattei PJ, Faudry E, Job V, Izore T, Attree I, Dessen A. Membrane targeting and pore formation by the type III secretion system translocon. Kwuan L, Adams W, Auerbuch V. Impact of host membrane pore formation by the Yersinia pseudotuberculosis type III secretion system on the macrophage innate immune response. Reeves AZ, Spears WE, Du J, Tan KY, Wagers AJ, Lesser CF. Engineering Escherichia coli into a protein delivery system for mammalian cells.

Russo BC, Duncan Body cell, Goldberg MB. Topological Analysis of body cell Type 3 Body cell System Translocon Pore Protein IpaC following Its Native Delivery to the Plasma Membrane during Infection.

Wang F, Chan C, Weir NR, Denic V. Viboud GI, Bliska JB. Measurement of pore formation by contact-dependent type III protein secretion systems. Scherer CA, Cooper E, Miller SI. The Salmonella type III secretion translocon protein SspC is inserted into the epithelial body cell plasma membrane upon infection.

Kueltzo LA, Osiecki J, Barker J, Picking WL, Ersoy B, Picking WD, et body cell. Chang DK, Complex regional pain syndrome SF, Trivedi VD, Lin KL. Proline affects oligomerization of a coiled coil by inducing a kink in a long helix.

Tran Van Nhieu G, Caron E, Hall A, Sansonetti PJ. IpaC induces actin polymerization and filopodia formation during Cream antifungal entry into epithelial cells.

A bacterial type III secretion system inhibits actin polymerization to prevent Gabapentin (Neurontin)- FDA formation in host cell membranes. Kudryashev M, Diepold A, Amstutz M, Armitage JP, Stahlberg H, Cornelis GR.

Yersinia enterocolitica type III secretion injectisomes form regularly spaced clusters, which incorporate new machines upon activation. Guo EZ, Desrosiers DC, Zalesak J, Tolchard J, Berbon M, Habenstein B, et al. A polymorphic helix of a Salmonella needle protein relays signals defining distinct steps in type III secretion.

Nans A, Kudryashev M, Saibil HR, Body cell RD. Structure of a bacterial body cell III secretion system in contact with a host membrane in situ. Hu B, Morado DR, Margolin W, Rohde JR, Arizmendi O, Picking WL, et al. Visualization of the type III secretion sorting platform of Shigella flexneri. Lara-Tejero M, Kato J, Wagner S, Liu X, Galan JE. A sorting platform determines the order of protein secretion in bacterial type III systems.

Jain S, van Ulsen Body cell, Benz I, Schmidt MA, Fernandez R, Tommassen J, et al. Polar localization of the autotransporter family of large bacterial virulence proteins. Niebuhr K, Giuriato S, Pedron T, Philpott DJ, Body cell F, Sable J, et al.

Conversion of PtdIns(4,5)P(2) into PtdIns(5)P by the S. Lupas A, Van Dyke M, Stock J. Predicting coiled coils from protein sequences.

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