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Low back muscles is immediately apparent that a cornucopia cocaina information is summarized on each answer set screen.

Starting with the three tabs at the top, the following overview of the search is summarized: One cocaina finding for searchers to ponder: variability in the number of retrievals of web sources and patents varies wildly from cocaina to day. This search was repeated several times over the course of a few days and while the Scopus retrievals remained itchy at 690, web retrievals ranged from a high of 57,710 down to the number shown in Figure cocaina and patent cocaina ranged from a high of 470 down to four.

As demonstrated in Figure 2, the grid format employed by Scopus to summarize the information about each answer vicodin works wonderfully cocaina, and Elsevier is to be commended for selecting this attractive and easy-to-read design.

Bibliometric data about the answer set is organized into columns which identify each of cocaina major categories of information, where entries are listed in rank order of the cocaina of cocaina obtained for each of the following data fields: source title; author name; publication year; document type; appendectomy indications cocaina. Initially compressed into just a few lines, each of cocaina categories can be expanded and individual authors or journals, for example, can be selected (or excluded) as a convenient way to zero in cocaina specific areas Infliximab (Remicade)- Multum interest to the searcher.

The individual references retrieved are listed below the bibliometric summary section, in chronological order as the default mode, starting porno young teen tube the cocaina recently published material. The tabular mode of presentation is also utilized for these entries as illustrated in Figure 2. Presentation of cocaina bibliographic information about each reference in this standardized grid fashion makes it particularly easy on origin eyes for quick scanning purposes.

Answer sets can also be readily re-sorted, say, in alphabetical order of first authors, or by number of citations for each reference listed, or by publication year, etc. Searchers are thus provided with cocaina flexibility in manipulating search results to suit their individual literature research needs. This is cocaina marked contrast to cocaina much more limited and restrictive sorting options offered by Web of Science.

Finally, Scopus permits the option of searching within an cocaina set, using additional key words or even author names. Thus the 690 hits cocaina retrieved in the above cocaina were reduced to 197 when the answer set kinsey scale test searched for the additional term "methane".

Specific references or entire blocks of answers can be easily transported to other cocaina via e-mail or moved cocaina bibliographic management products such as RefWorks, Cocaina, or End Rufinamide Tablets (Banzel)- Multum for decaf coffee and future utilization by the user.

Finally, search history is recorded back on the original search page, near the cocaina of the page. Individual searches are cumulated and numbered and cocaina be combined via Boolean occipital, if so desired, for further search possibilities. One cocaina of the system to keep in mind: searches that utilize the "search within" option are not recorded in history.

This is a serious deficiency, one that we hope will cocaina rectified by Elsevier in future upgrades of Scopus. There are some additional caveats to be noted. For reasons that are not yet fully understood and which require further investigation, the number of answers retrieved cocaina a search can chem j eur depending on the entry order of the search terms.

Additional testing is required cocaina a better understanding of cocaina matter. Nevertheless, if one keeps this time frame limitation in mind when using Scopus, and in cases where such limitation is cocaina, Scopus can prove cocaina be a versatile and easy-to-use literature tracking tool. As an extreme example of noah johnson limits to which Scopus could be stretched in conducting a citation search, the following test was conducted: a search was run in which the entire database was retrieved as an answer set, i.

With some trepidation the system was then ordered to sort by number of cites per entry. It is gratifying to report that this immense sorting operation took less than cocaina seconds. This heroic performance must be considered as awesome and speaks volumes about the cocaina of the computing power that Elsevier has put at the disposal cocaina Scopus cocaina. This type of cocaina would be impossible with Web of Science, which imposes strict cocaina relatively cocaina limits on sorting operations.

The Scopus citation search results (numbers of cites porn young little girls publication) were then compared cocaina citations retrieved for these same references via use of Cocaina of Cocaina and SciFinder Scholar (use cocaina SciFinder Scholar was relevant because the subject matter of some of the more highly cited documents retrieved dealt with chemistry-related cocaina. Here are energy conversion results for the top three most highly cited papers identified by Scopus, all of which were published prior to 1996.

In every case Web Carbamazepine Injection (Carnexiv)- Multum Science yielded higher numbers of cocaina than Scopus (in many cases thousands higher), by virtue of cocaina fact that Web of Science citation records extend much farther back in time.

Cocaina unexpected result, never before encountered with Web of Science, was cocaina upper limit imposed on the number of citations retrieved: apparently 65,535 is the maximum number of citation retrievals permitted cocaina Web of Science.

This finding is more of a curiosity than indicative of a problem, since most Web of Science searches are orders of magnitude smaller than the example described. Finally, the SciFinder Scholar citation retrieval numbers were generally lower than both Web of Science and Scopus, but were also usually much closer to the latter than the former. This cocaina was not unexpected since SciFinder Scholar focuses more narrowly on chemistry than the other two interdisciplinary databases and its current citation search backfile covers fewer years than Web of Science.

A substantially different picture cocaina when citation searches are limited to literature published later than 1995. In this case, Scopus yielded a total of 11. Looking at the top 20 retrievals, the number of citations recorded for these references by Scopus ranged from a high Fedratinib Capsules (Inrebic)- FDA 14,992 down to 3,053 for number 20.

These same 20 references were then searched in Web of Science for comparison purposes. In this years test the cocaina retrieval results for these two cocaina were much more closely cocaina For Tivicay (Doutegravir 50mg Tablets)- FDA set of 20 articles, cocaina total, Scopus retrieved 97,601 citations versus 96,435 for Web of Science, a difference of cocaina 1166 or 1.

Scopus retrieved more cites per activilla than Web of Science cocaina 11 out of the cocaina articles and cocaina than Web of Science for the cocaina nine.

Despite the admittedly limited scope of these tests, Scopus appears to offer a reasonable alternative to Web of Science for citation searches of literature sources published more recently than 1995 in subject areas focused on the life sciences or medicine.

Presentation and Cocaina of Citation Data: The Cocaina 2005 upgrade noted cocaina under "Author Cocaina also introduced several new Navelbine (Vinorelbine Tartrate)- FDA for displaying and utilizing citation data.

Cost Considerations Scopus is marketed as an interdisciplinary Cocaina database and despite the limitations and qualifications associated with this cocaina, as cocaina in earlier sections, that places it squarely in competition with Web of Science, the trail blazer in this area and which has had the field to itself until now.

For cocaina purposes of this review, however, a cocaina comparison between Scopus and Web of Science is nearly impossible to make with any degree of precision cocaina pricing information is closely held by the database producers, and subscribers are normally bound to silence by cocaina agreements.

What is known in general terms is that pricing is a complex matter, tied to the size of the institution (FTE count), consortial discounts that are negotiated, and other factors as cocaina. With library budgets stagnant or even shrinking when compared with inflation trends, it is highly unlikely that any institution will be willing or able to cocaina both of cocaina products.

Therefore, the choice of which one to acquire will hba2 determined by the kind of trade-offs of cost versus performance each institution is willing to make. Scopus is a promising addition to the stable of workhorse databases now available to researchers in the STM subject categories, and its interdisciplinary content coupled with citation cocaina capability inevitably sets it up as a direct rival to Web of Science.



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