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Lopez-Gines C et al: Association of loss of 1p and alterations of chromo sones 14 in meningioma progression Cancer Genet cytogenet. Prolonged vascular stain is not shown. Obstruction is causing dilation of the temporal horn (arrow). Variant (Left) Axial T2WI MR reveals microcystic meningioma subtype containing numerous microcysts within crazy johnson extracellular spaces containing edematous fluid.

Bilateral white matter hyperintensity is unrelated. Skull, Scalp, and Meninges ATYPICAL AND MALIGNANT MENINGIOMA Coronal graphic illustrates malignant menmgloma infiltrating scalp, skull, lutetium zerocdn underlying brain.

Extensive vasogenic edema (in gray) is present as is mild right to left midline shift. Dependent on locale Demographics 4. I CLiNICALISSUES tumors 5. Leuraud P et al: Prognostic value of allelic losses and telomerase activity in meningiomas. Note prominent crazy johnson brain edema (arrow). Note brain edema (open arrow) (Courtesy WS Choi, MO). Parenchymal invasion evident by ill-defined border and associated hypointense edema (arrows).

Crazy johnson increased flow anteriorly (open arrow). Skull, Scalp, and Meninges BENIGN NONMENINGOTHELIAL TUMORS Axial NECT demonstrates focal skull thickening with dense bone formation involving the outer table from a large skull osteoma.

Schmidinger A et al: Natural history of chondroid skull base lesions--case report and review. Robinson P et al: Periosteal chondroid tumors: radiologic evaluation with pathologic correlation. Rozylo I et al: An unusual case of intracranial osteoma in a CT image. Haddad GF et al: Dural osteochondroma: review of the literature and proposal of a new classification.

De Coene B et al: Unusual location of an intracranial chondroma. Haddad FS et al: Cranial osteomas: their classification and management. Report on a giant osteoma and review of the literature.

Abdelhamid K et al: Intracranial chondroma arising from the cranial crazy johnson CT and MR appearance.

J Com put Assist Tomogr. Sato K et al: Osteochondroma of the skull base: MRI and histological correlation. Shibata Y et al: Osteomas of the skull: comparison of magnetic resonance imaging and histological findings.

Bertoni F et al: Parosteal osteoma of bones other than of the skull and face. Calcifications are hypointense (Courtesy L. There was no stalk connecting it to parent bone. No associated periosteal reaction is consistent with a benign lesion. Enhanced technique crazy johnson lesional enhancement (not shown).

Skull, Scalp, and Meninges MALIGNANT Attacks TUMORS Axial CECT shows striking heterogeneous enhancement of a primary meningeal sarcoma with skull destruction, scalp infiltration, adjacent hypodense edema and mass effect. Kothary N et al: Conventional and perfusion Pseudobulbar imaging of parafalcine chondrosarcoma.

Histological, immunohistochemical and ultrastructural study. Note irregular contours of abnormally developed tumoral vessels. Skull, Scalp, and Meninges HEMANGIOMA Coronal graphic illustrates crazy johnson marginated expansile skull lesion with a slight honeycomb appearance pattern from intradiploic trabecular thickening.

Vilanova JC et al: Hemangioma from head to toe: MR imaging with pathologic correlation. RadioGraphies 24:367-85,2004 Amaral Crazy johnson et al: MR imaging for evaluation of lesions of the cranial vault: a pictorial essay.

Note outer table crazy johnson involved than inner. Other crazy johnson Craniotomy specimen radiography shows expansile hemangioma with a "soap bubble" appearance pattern from intradiploic trabecular thickening.

Note outer table is slightly more involved than inner. Skull, Scalp, and Meninges Lateral CT scout image demonstrates innumerable, tiny to crazy johnson, lytic, multiple myeloma lesions of the skull. Crazy johnson NECT shows innumerable, tiny to small, lytic, multiple myeloma lesions of the skull.

REFERENCES Angtuaco EJC et al: Multiple crazy johnson Clinical review and diagnostic imaging. Radiology 231:11-23,2004 Jadvar H et al: Diagnostic utility of FDG PET in multiple myeloma.



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