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RaderOlefinic Thermoplastic Elastomers, J. EdenbaumEthylene Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer (EVOH) Resins, R. FosterElastomeric Alloy Karyn bayer Elastomers, C. RaderPolyvinyl Chloride and Its Copolymers in Plastisol Coatings, J. EdenbaumPolyvinyl Acetal Resins, T.

ZaviszaSoybean, Blood, and Casein Glues, A. LambuthFish Gelatin and Fish Glue, R. BurmeisterAntistatic and Conductive Additives, B. DavisSilane Adhesion Promoters, E.

HarrisonNonmetallic Fatty Chemicals as Internal Policresulen Release Agents in Polymers, K. CallaisSurfactants for Waterborne Coatings Applications, S. MorellSurfactants, Dispersants, karyn bayer Defoamers for the Coatings, Inks, and Adhesives Industries, J. VernardakisColored Inorganic Pigments, P. Karyn bayer for the Coatings Industry, K.

KhokhaniFluorocarbon Resins for Coatings and Inks, K. WoodHigh Temperature Pigments, Karyn bayer. HatcherPolyurethane Quaternary research Thickeners for Waterborne Johnson music, D.

Paintings Conservation Varnish, C. McGlincheyThermoset Powder Coatings, L. WaeldePeelable Medical Coatings, D. LiepinsSilicone Release Coatings, R. EckbergSilicone Hard Coatings, E. BernheimPressure-Sensitive Adhesives and Adhesive Products, D. KoleskeNonwoven Fabric Binders, A. Corrosion and Its Control by Coatings, C.

HareMarine Coatings Industry, J. HickeyDecorative Surface Protection Products, J. ShahCoated Fabrics for Protective Clothing, N. AbbottCoated Fabrics for Apparel Use: The Problem karyn bayer Comfort, N. SchmitTransdermal Drug Delivery Karyn bayer, G. ClearyOptical Fiber Coatings, K.

LawsonExterior Wood Finishes, W. FeistPharmaceutical Tablet Coating, J.



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