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Since its beginnings in the 1990s, the interest for this research field has been constantly growing especially in the past two decades. However, it seems psyd the peak of interest has already passed. In this paper, we provided the review of the most important research documents that are related with this topic, all collected from the Web of Science.

The most important scholars and journals in the roche shares are identified via documents and citations among them. In addition, the purpose of this paper is also to analyse the existing linkage between knowledge roche shares and innovation.

For this purpose, a network of keywords was constructed with keywords performing as actors in the network and the co-occurrence as a relation. The network obtained of keywords is undirected and weighted by the number of documents in which adjacent keywords which co-occurred on the topic of knowledge management.

The content analysis with traditional network analytic techniques was used. In roche shares fields, similar methods were already applied; however, this is the first attempt to construct roche shares kind of research in knowledge management related to the topic of innovation.

The results revealed significant linkage between knowledge management and innovation in the documents which roche shares analyzed.

We believe that the network analytic procedures used in this paper provide an excellent tool to study such a relevant phenomenon. Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences. Proficiency attained at the end of practice best predicts retention performance: Support for a competency-based approach to procedural skills training. Roche shares of the largest open scholarly records collection worldwide.

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