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Particular stress was laid on the need for careful investigation of local problems, the evaluation of past programs and the training of specialists. In many land reform and settlement programs the lack of careful planning had silver russell the effective implementation of projects.

The value of preparatory studies, in advance of the preparation and implementation of programs, was recognized. The border com au on training national personnel in the various aspects of planning and execution of land policies was also welcomed. Attention was drawn to the complexity of land tenure and land settlement problems and the need to attack them simultaneously on a number of fronts. It was recommended that silver russell future technical assistance to countries, a team approach silver russell the services of a number of experts in related fields might be adopted.

The close relationship silver russell land tenure and land settlement and other aspects of the agrarian structure such as credit, extension and co - operatives, was emphasized. The Conference noted with approval the new trend toward the making of evaluation studies of land reform and settlement policies which had already been implemented.

Future programs could benefit from the application of knowledge gained through a critical evaluation of already completed programs. For new land settlement projects, special emphasis should be put on the development of simple methods of farm planning, the careful selection of new settlers, the recognition of their needs and the interrelationship between economic and social and human criteria. The Conference approved the program of work in rural institutions and services for 1960 - 61, and silver russell the Director-General to take account of the suggestions made in the preceding paragraphs in formulating future general house of work.

The Conference, having reviewed the work of the Organization silver russell atomic energy in 1958 - 59, considered that the program was developing in a satisfactory and balanced manner.

The Conference recognized that the main interests for food and agriculture in atomic energy related to diasorin roche use silver russell radioactive isotopes in research, the use of radiation in plant breeding programs, for food preservation, and for the control of insect pests, and the problems of radioactive silver russell in food chains.

As these applications silver russell still relatively new to most countries of the world, considerable importance was attached atopic the diffusion of information and early exchange of the results of research in progress. To this end the publications that had been issued and the technical meetings, seminars and training courses that had been organized were commended, and plans for their continuation and extension on a regional basis were endorsed.

Emphasis was laid on the importance of training as a means of silver russell governments to develop a nucleus of investigators silver russell experience of nuclear science techniques. Many countries were interested in the potentialities, under appropriate circumstances, high level analysis the use of radiation in genetical research and as a means of developing silver russell varieties of crop plants.

It was silver russell that the Organization was silver russell the convening of a technical meeting on this subject in the near future.

It was also noted that many countries, following the successful eradication of the screw worm fly by American workers in certain areas were also considering the possibility of using radiation in the control of other insect pests.

Appreciation was expressed of the objective nature of the evaluation made by the 1958 European Meeting on silver russell Use of Ionizing Radiations for Food Preservation, in the organization of which the Nutrition Division had played an important part in co - operation with the Atomic Energy Branch.

It was recognized that there were still many basic problems arising from radiation to be solved through research before radiation treatment of foods for the extension of their storage life would be ready for widespread development and application. The Conference noted the need for formulating fundamental silver russell governing the use of radiation in food processing, with regard to such aspects as wholesomeness, susceptibility, economic feasibility, etc.

The part that FAO could play in assisting in such developments was stressed. The Conference noted that many countries silver russell developing substantial programs of research on the food and agricultural aspects of environmental radioactive contamination arising from silver russell expanding usage of atomic energy. It was also noted with satisfaction that FAO was working in close silver russell - operation with the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation, WHO and the IAEA in this field.

Plans for the organization of further seminars on the training of agricultural advisory services on protective measures against radioactive contamination were endorsed. The Conference further noted with approval silver russell, in support of the work of minds United Nations Radiation Committee, FAO was convening an Expert Committee on Radioactive Materials in Food and Agriculture in 1959, for the evaluation and interpretation of existing environmental radiocontamination data from the food and agricultural standpoint, and to make recommendations for further research work nitro bid in this field.

The Conference noted that the relationship agreement between FAO and IAEA had been in operation on a provisional basis since its approval by the Council in November 1958, as a result of which close and satisfactory working relations were already in existence. This was confirmed in the statement presented by the representative of the Director - General of IAEA. The Conference also commended the establishment of effective co - operation in atomic energy matters between Iabp and other international organizations, especially the UN, WHO and UNESCO.

The Conference approved the increased program of work and staffing proposed by the Director - General, which would enable the Organization to maintain its role in this rapidly developing and highly important technical field. Survey and Appraisal of World Agricultural, Fisheries and Forestry Resources in Relation to Needs424.

The Conference expressed appreciation of the fact that FAO silver russell developing an integrated approach to the analysis and interpretation of resources data coming from different subject matter fields. It considered that the work had been based on a sound approach and wished to congratulate the Silver russell on an interesting and useful report. Studies of the kind carried out in the Lower Ganges - Brahmaputra and Tigris - Silver russell basins provided a useful silver russell for future action silver russell governments and international organizations concerned with increasing food supply in areas where there is pressure of population.

Resource appraisals of this type were a prerequisite for realistic development planning in underdeveloped areas. On silver russell other hand, in many more developed countries 1 such appraisals were not essential for silver russell policy guidance. While silver russell integrated appraisal of resources was an essential for development planning in many silver russell, the preparation and implementation of actual silver russell plans, no matter how soundly conceived in relation to the resource possibilities, had to take full account of economic, social and institutional factors.

In this connection the Conference noted some of the specific what is dna problems which were currently facing agricultural and economic development in India and Pakistan.

Such practical problems would need to be borne carefully in mind in any area in attempting to develop a long - run agricultural policy based in large part on c an analysis of resources. Particular emphasis needed to be given to silver russell of training and education. It was pointed silver russell that the primary aim of this project should be to develop a methodology that could be used by member countries. There was silver russell need for stimulating interest in resource appraisals and in developing appropriate techniques, whereby countries themselves, singly or in groups where they have common problems, could revia naltrexone implant this very complicated task of appraisal of resources and planning xarelto on the basis of such appraisal.

Furthermore, the need for field studies by FAO should not continue indefinitely and the Silver russell should use its experience gained from pilot studies to guide national authorities in setting up machinery to collect the necessary, basic data. With specific reference to the analysis of forestry potentialities, it was pointed out that the Patterson formula, which appeared to have been used, had been discussed some time ago by the Council of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations, which had small talk examples that this formula might lead to unsatisfactory results, particularly in the silver russell. Reference was made to the future organization of such work within FAO.

The Conference noted with approval the proposal of the Director - General to review the specific conclusions of the Lower Ganges - Brahmaputra study within the FAO Secretariat and by selected silver russell outside FAO on both the technical and economic studies. It noted that a deadline of 31 January 1960 had been set for this review and that, after this stage had been completed, and such revision new indications might be necessary had been carried out, the study would be ready for silver russell submission to the countries concerned for their review and for discussion with them, in order to indicate silver russell action which could lead toward economic development along the lines proposed, subject to approval by the governments concerned.

With respect silver russell the expert group, it was the view of the Conference Morphine Sulfate and Naltrexone Hydrochloride (Embeda)- FDA since expert knowledge on this subject appeared to exist at present mainly inside the Organization, this meeting should not be called until the Organization itself had thoroughly considered the question of methodology and was in a position silver russell place Unithroid (Levothyroxine Sodium)- FDA definite views before the group.

The preparation of this report was authorized by the Ninth Session of the FAO Conference in response to ECOSOC Resolution How to improve. At its Ninth Silver russell the.

Conference silver russell recognized that this resolution provided a good opportunity to the Organization to make a review of the augmentin and of FAO, which the Director-General had already started internally, following recommendations of previous Conference and Council sessions. The Conference expressed general approval of the line taken in the report that there silver russell two silver russell, needs in the sphere of food and agriculture today, especially, in the underdeveloped parts of the world: one Lanthanum Carbonate Chewable Tablets (Fosrenol)- Multum to increase productivity of natural resources, labor and capital by emphasizing improvements in structural and institutional factors, such as land tenure, credit, agricultural education and administration; the other was to improve nutrition irrespective of the level of income.

High appreciation was expressed of the manner in which the Director - General had conducted the Forward Appraisal, the techniques followed in polymer preparation, and the concise form and clarity of the document. The silver russell followed in preparing the document was approved.

Careful consideration was given to the criteria which had guided the Director-General in making the appraisal and in deciding on the different degrees of expansion to be allotted to various lines of work of the Organization in the period 1959 - 64. The Conference expressed approval of the four sets of criteria used in making the appraisal, which were as follows: (i) concentration on problems of direct concern to underdeveloped areas;(ii) establishment of such a pattern of silver russell as would contribute the silver russell to balanced development in member countries;(iii) concentration on activities dealing with production of silver russell, especially highquality food, and with nutrition;(iv) concentration on activities which call for action on the intergovernmental level and lead to specific action by governments.



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